varicosis 1Although it is quite common for varicosis to occur on a person's legs it can actually affect other areas of the body as well. Generally most people are concerned by this condition because it looks unsightly, however for others treatment is required because it causes them pain and discomfort.


Should the condition more commonly known as varicose veins become severe then there are certain treatments that can be used to relieve the problem. However, which kind of treatment a person undertakes to deal with theirs depends of course on the severity.

So what sorts of treatments are being used these days for treating the condition of varicose veins? Below we take a brief look at some of them.

1- Compression Stockings

These will normally be recommended where varicosis has only just begun to develop. The stockings will need to be worn by the sufferer throughout the day and they are made from materials that help the blood to flow more effectively around the body. Along with helping to reduce the varicose veins the patient has already developed they also help to prevent new ones forming.

2- Sclerotherapy

This type of treatment will only be recommended by a doctor where they feel that the condition is quite severe. To help reduce the enlargement of the veins a special solution will be injected into them that contains properties that causes scars to form and so closes the veins. It will normally be a few weeks before the patient begins to see the veins fade. Plus in order for the treatment to be really effective the patient may need to have more than one course of injections.

3- Laser Surgery

This is a treatment that some sufferers of varicosis may consider if they find the thought of injections unpleasant. To help the problem to disappear a strong burst of light is directed on to the affected vein and this helps to break up the build up of blood in the veins causing them to fade and disappear. Again the sufferer may find that the procedure may need to be repeated in order for the desired results to be achieved.

4- Vein Stripping

This is a somewhat more complex form of treatment and the sufferer will need to be anesthetised during the procedure. With this particular form of treatment small incisions will be made to the area that is affected in order that the veins can then be removed. Although veins are being removed this will not cause problems to the flow of blood around the body as it is the ones found deeper within the legs that carry most of the blood around the body.

5- Endoscopic Vein Surgery

This form of treatment is only considered where the varicosis is most extreme and where the sufferer also has leg ulcers. To complete the procedure the surgeon will insert a tiny camera into the leg so that they can see where the problem is and then close it off. After the vein has been closed off then a small incision will be made and it is through this the affected part of the vein is removed.